Florence Nightingale Foundation Academy



Our vision is to establish an independent ‘go to’ service for leadership development opportunities, identifying and exploiting evidence, and the provision of expert, well-informed opinion and advice on issues that impact on patient care and experience.



“The Florence Nightingale Foundation Academy is providing leadership development to nurses and midwives working at all levels and within a diverse range of clinical settings. Our vibrant alumni community represent an inclusive and expert group whose experience and knowledge feeds directly into our policy work and generation of evidence. The Academy offers an avenue for independent thought leadership and high quality educational provision that is agile and responsive to workforce needs.”

Dr Gemma Stacey

The Pillars of our Work

  • Pillar 1: Develop Leaders

The Florence Nightingale Foundation has a strong national reputation for delivering bespoke leadership scholarships and, since 2018, leadership development programmes. We focus on facilitated learning that challenges leaders to think differently about health and care leadership and develop confidence and skills in less traditional ways. We provide education for existing and future generations of leaders to develop the confidence, knowledge and leadership skills required to act as change agents, influence health policy agendas and improve patient care.

  • Pillar 2 : Utilise Evidence

The Florence Nightingale Foundation Academy engages nurses and midwives in strengthening the national and international evidence base agenda by:

  • Developing leadership and political acumen amongst clinical academics
  • Integrating Quality Improvement methodology and practice into educational programmes
  • Undertaking research into the leadership development experiences and impact of nurses and midwives working in specific contexts or roles to influence change
  • Supporting nurses and midwives to disseminate their innovation and influence through a range of media channels including peer review publication
  • Influencing national and international policy
  • Pillar 3: Influence Policy

The independent policy unit within the FNF Academy provides a focus for strengthening and mobilising the nursing and midwifery contribution to national, regional and local health policy agendas and decisions related to care delivery and patient experience. It achieves this by harnessing the intelligence and expertise of the nursing and midwifery FNF alumni network to provide a strong and well informed voice. The key objectives of the policy unity are to:

  • Function in a collaborative way to provide expert nursing and midwifery advice and opinion on contemporary issues which affect patient experience, health outcomes and quality of care
  • Bring together the best equipped thought leaders with appropriate expertise from within the professions and beyond to inform and provide independent advice on specific areas of policy concern
  • Shape and develop responses which can inform and advise on potential solutions to policy issues involving nursing and midwifery care delivery
  • Act as the ‘go to’ organisation for the professions by continuing to develop a range of services and frameworks. These will focus on enhancing policy awareness and political acumen and mobilising the policy voice and influence of nursing and midwifery professionals