About the Foundation

The Foundation’s principal focus is on improving health, clinical outcomes and patient experience, through building nursing and midwifery leadership capacity and capability. It does this by enabling nurses and midwives to access sophisticated and bespoke leadership development opportunities, both in the UK and overseas, tailored to the scholar’s needs.

The bespoke leadership development programmes ensure the Foundation’s offer remains unique and highly sought after. Unlike doctors, nurses and midwives have few opportunities to develop their leadership skills. We have an excellent record of delivery, all of our scholars undertake projects which are focused on improving patient care and health outcomes and within two years the majority of our scholars are promoted to more senior roles as a result of their scholarship.

It is important that nurses and midwives are empowered to use their professional voice effectively and seek all opportunities to influence healthcare policy and practice. We will ensure that the Foundation becomes ‘the go to place’ for professional opinion and debate, a recognised academy for healthcare thought, and will be the voice for the nursing and midwifery.

Our mission

To pioneer change and improvements in patient and health outcomes, through nursing and midwifery leadership, honouring Florence Nightingale’s legacy.