We are Florence's legacy, today.

Scholars of the Foundation become part of our alumni network. A group of like-minded individuals who follow in Florence’s footsteps to drive change to impact patient care and healthcare policy and practice.

Our alumni network gives you access to the people and resources you need to support you on your leadership journey.

Our scholars are from all sectors of healthcare including the military so you benefit from a  growing network of many like-minded people.  

Being part of the Foundation's alumni:

  • Access to a network of like-minded nurses and midwives
  • Invitations to attend events  and other networking opportunities
  • Connecting with other scholars for mentoring opportunities
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest leadership news and opportunities via regular e-newsletters
  • An online portal created only for FNF alumni members

Our scholars stories:

The whole transformational nature of what the Foundation offers its scholars carries personal and professional impact. As a direct result of my scholarship experience and development, I’m now a Nurse Consultant for Teenage Cancer Trust and I have a direct influence on how we provide care to young people with cancer, and it doesn’t get more exciting than that.

Nicky Pettitt

Nurse Consultant, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust. Completed ‘Emerging Leader’ Leadership scholarship in partnership with the Teenage Cancer Trust, February 2017.

I truly believe that the scholarship had a direct impact on my career and I have just been awarded my PhD (subject to minor corrections). I do not believe that by this point in my career, without having undertaken the scholarship, embarking upon (let alone completing) a PhD would have been possible.

Emma Popjoy

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Completed Travel scholarship, 2013

The scholarship got me to think very seriously about being a 'leader' rather than just a manager. I firmly believe that the successful development and implementation of a single regional HSC Hospital Passport for people with learning disabilities across Northern Ireland would not have been possible without the learning from the scholarship.

Owen Barr

Professor of Nursing and Intellectual Disabilities, Completed Leadership scholarship, 2015

The scholarship allowed me to complete my Master's dissertation with a focus on teenage pregnancy (The Teenage Pregnancy Strategy was launched in 1999). I was a Specialist Nurse providing pregnancy options and contraceptive care to a caseload of young women. There was very little evidence around support for young women as they made their choices with regards to pregnancy. The young women involved shared their experiences and the need for continuity of care and availability of dedicated services as their preferred option for support. This service was seen as best practice and resulted in speaking at regional and national conferences to share how the role worked and what the young women saw as the benefits. Without the scholarship I would not have been able to fund the course and complete the dissertation project, which would have meant the work I was doing would not have been shared and therefore national policy would not have been influenced. It was very difficult to get funded support from the NHS for Master's level education at the time I was awarded the scholarship as the focus was on access to degree level programmes of study. Completing the Master's enabled me to meet other Nurses from a variety of disciplines, undertake some guest lecturing at the University and subsequently helped me further my career into management roles.

Angela Starr

NHS England, Completed Research scholarship, 2007

As a result of my scholarship, I was promoted and as a direct result my skills in training and my knowledge base has improved. The way I interact with colleagues has changed and my confidence and personal impact is enhanced. My work, and the way I am able to impact allows me to influence corporate policy

Jane Eades

Marie Curie, Completed Leadership scholarship, 2017

Since the scholarship, I changed direction from being in nurse education, to working with the District General Manager on how to bring about change for those with cancer. The end result was setting up a charity and a limited company with the help of the health authority. The charity is now in its 30th year of providing a truly holistic service for those with cancer and support for their families. It is totally independent of the health authority but it is a service provider. I am now a Trustee of the Charity and at present also acting CEO. The scholarship taught me that if you believe you can bring about change then it is in your hands to make it happen.

Dorothy Crowther

Wirral Holistic Care Services (Therapeutic Cancer Care), Completed Travel scholarship, 1988

The generosity of the FNF scholarship enabled me to continue with my doctorate and to have some papers published. I have continued to develop in the four pillars of advanced practice, and am now working for the NMC (1) and the PMCPA (2) and will pursue a role relating to governance in the NHS. In addition, FNF inspired me to help others and I volunteered to work in a Health Care Centre in Africa. Realising how many African girls live in poverty and do not have many opportunities, I created a scholarship myself to pay to train a nurse in Africa.

Natasha Duke

Nursing & Midwifery Council Fitness to Practice Panel and Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority Appeal Board, Completed Research scholarship, 2017

All the initiatives currently being undertaken in my service to improve dementia care were direct results of the scholarship

Roy Tecson

Homerton University NHS Foundation Trust, Completed Leadership scholarship, 2017

My scholarship encouraged me to put my research into insulin treated type 2 diabetes into everyday practice.

Kathy Ellis

Whitstable Medical Practice in Kent and part-time PhD student at King's College London, Completed Research scholarship, 2016

Since my scholarship, my work has impacted policy and patient care, as well as influencing staff in my own organisation and others across Wales

Ruth Friel

Cwm Taf University Health Board NHS Wales, Completed Leadership scholarship, 2017